Sales Engineer

SEDECO USA specializes in Ultrasonic Plastic Joining and plastics assembly technologies for companies that provide parts and components to the North American branches of the Japanese, "New Domestic" automotive market. Our sales team is made up of experienced, bilingual, dedicated reps that are eager to tackle new challenges and learn from new applications.
Job Description
SEDECO USA is seeking motivated, professional technical sales staff that can provide innovative solutions for an array of customer applications. While most of assembly processes can be addressed with a stock supply of equipment and tooling, it is important for a SEDECO Sales Engineer to be able to consider all of the customer's potential needs to assure them that the product we are recommending is the right one for their specific application.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
The SEDECO Sales Engineer is expected to be able to forge strong, amicable relationships with our clients to earn their respect and trust. Sales Engineers must be able to demonstrate and explain the technical aspects of our equipment in a clear, easy to understand manner. Sales Engineers will be expected to give presentations, equipment demonstrations, and must be able to address mechanical issues on site to display competent knowledge of general use of our equipment.
Proficient with Engineering Documents
The Sales Engineer will be responsible for receiving confidential parts drawings and must be able to interpret the content with customer to make any necessary design modifications that may be necessary.
Willingness to Expand Skill Set
The strongest Sales Engineers must be willing to learn and continue to expand upon existing technical skills and know-how. SEDECO offers a wide variety of plastics assembly process and our Sale Engineering staff must be able to build from their previous experiences to offer the best solutions to our customers.
Willingness to Travel
While most of SEDECO's customers are based in the Eastern Mid-West, our Sales Engineer must be available to travel throughout North America to meet with new and existing customers and to service or install equipment at customer sites.
Associates Degree - ATS with emphasis in Mechanical, Electrical, or Software
Bachelor's Degree - Engineering or Physical Sciences highly recommended, Sales or Business MBAs also highly appreciated
Previous Work Experience
3+ years in Technical Sales or manufacturing/service/maintenance
Computer Skills
Basic understanding of AutoCAD and 3D design software is preferred. Candidates with experience in Omron/Mitsubishi/Allen Bradly PLC Latter Logic will be strongly considered.
Language Proficiency
Candidate must be a fluent speaker of English. Applicants with abilities in Japanese and/or Spanish will be strongly considered.
Compensation Competitive
Salary and benefits based on experience

Don't Be Fooled

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