Senior Industrial Engineer

This position is directly responsible for the project management throughout the Distribution and Call Centers by utilizing various engineering techniques in the areas of work layout, ergonomics, work measurement, and methods development. The Senior IE benchmarks identifies and implements best practices. This position displays ability to gauge the impact of operational strategic decisions within logistics operations and thereby create best in class solutions. This position will clearly communicate the business requirements to the Product Management team for software configuration and development. This position will partner with cross functional leadership teams on inventory management and logistics business intelligence projects. This position performs feasibility studies as well as cause and effect analysis. The Senior IE develops tools to aid business partners in the management of material flow/balance, capacity/resource planning, scheduling, execution and delivery. The Senior IE possesses strong operations management/research background.
The Senior Industrial Engineer will lead teams, meetings and support data collections and/or analyses needed for strategic decisions that are in-line with our divisional direction. This position will assist the Engineering Manager in driving business results, executing product and program strategies and creating a world class customer service.
Problem-Solving, Analysis and Decision Making:
Identify opportunities to reduce cost, improve efficiencies, increase revenue, improve productivity and quality then implement changes and track results.
Research industry best practices and prepare projects to implement best practices as they apply throughout the distribution and contact center.
Seek out and research new technology advances and spearheads efforts to incorporate new concepts into existing systems with particular emphasis on productivity improvements.
Use IE techniques such as process flow charts, capacity analysis, work sampling, time study, lean manufacturing processes, cost benefit analysis for continuous improvement.
Working Relationship / Communication:
Foster Teamwork and collaboration with all DC employees as well as internal and external stakeholders.
Demonstrates proven written and verbal communication skills in the execution of daily correspondence and change management.
Displays teamwork abilities and maintains a positive attitude.
Exhibits effective skills to be a part of and lead virtual teams to solve divisional projects.
Ability to present ideas to Managers and Directors so that proper support and buy-in can be obtained for improvement implementation.
Provide guidance and support for the Performance Analyst and other Engineering staff members.
Supplies reliable, accurate and timely information needed to help make operational decisions.
Facilitates the resolution of issues, and works with customers and/or team members to develop plans to meet or exceed business objectives.
Work Measurement, Standards, Performance Measures:
Must be knowledgeable in the use of conventional as well as non-conventional time study techniques.
Establishes engineering standards with allowable hours for any measurable environment.
Leads prioritization of work with key customers and adds value to the change management by gaining approval and streamlining rollouts.
Supports the maintenance of Labor Management production systems ensuring accurate goal times.
Understands and provides Labor Management mapping expertise when needed for change management opportunities.
Knowledgeable in interacting with warehouse management systems as well as various decision support systems.
Working knowledge of relational databases is a must and SQL scripting is a plus.
Designs basic and/or standardized work methods, processes and flow that identifies root causes or reoccurring issues; estimates time and cost to overcome those issues and leads efforts for effective change.
Technical System Design, Configuration, Testing, and Operation:
Knowledge of Manhattan WMoS and LM, Dematic Sort Director, and Vargo COFE systems are a plus.
Identify opportunities in current systems and create requirements for functional changes to maximize returns on application development efforts.
Perform ergonomic risks analysis on functions. Responsible for recommending feasible changes to layouts in order to eliminate potential risks.
Document best practices of core competencies or business capabilities. Identify opportunities for improvement based on identified best practices and facilitate the implementation of such practices across Gap, Inc. supply chain.
Demonstrates expertise in extracting data, performing statistical analyses, and making data based inferences for making tactical and strategic decisions.
Possesses experience in standard techniques such as process mapping, simulation, and statistical analyses.
Identifies possible capital projects improvement to enhance the overall facility performance.
Process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, DMAIC, Kaizen, Lean, Value Stream Mapping, etc.).
Evaluates and design new layouts for facilities by completing throughput analysis and making recommendations for changes.
Basic knowledge and expertise in facility layout and drawings.
Project Management
Knowledge of project management techniques required.
Working knowledge of knowledge management systems, templates and project metric development required.
Experience in leading teams and partnerships globally, nationally to drive results and group cohesion.
Project management support for capital investments, infrastructure improvements and process improvements.
Minimum educational level and experience:
Bachelor's degree and/or related work history in engineering with focus on supply chain management with focus on distribution and/or industrial engineering preferred
2 to 5 year minimum in supply chain, material handling projects, WMS/TMS/LMS process design, and standards development. Direct supervision is a plus.
As needed for project support. 10% -30% expected.

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